Week in Review: Fist Fight in the Parking Lot


In the week a chipped tooth kept Lil Wayne out of jail and a secretive, proprietary Billboard chart made a success out of his new, abysmal Rebirth, we pulled our Paul Wall grills out of the closet, just in case. You never know when your hood pass might get pulled, you know?

Care for a Sightings premiere? How about one from Ninjasonik? Have you discovered the weird narco-R&B of How to Dress Well yet? Really, it was a great week all around for new music (no matter what you thought of Vampire Weekend’s Rancid cover)–Japandroids, Janelle Monae, and M.I.A. all kicked in epic new singles, and even Saturday Night Live got in on the act, introducing the world to the sublime ’80s hardcore of Crisis of Conformity. Not exactly a real band, but they should have been.

More real than Guns N’ Roses in the old CBGB storefront, anyway. Fashion Week brought all kinds of this ridiculousness to town: Yeasayer played an ABC Carpet & Home (though evidence suggests they are not really cut out for Fashion Week), Gwen Stefani hosted a L.A.M.B. fashion show, and Patti Smith and Metric paid tribute to Alexander McQueen at MILK Studios, hours after Kanye issued his own unique kind of farewell to the departed designer.

Hot Chip told us about recording with Peter Gabriel. Phantogram told us about their internet hook-ups. Pop Tarts Suck Toasted’s Patrick Duffy weighed in on Google’s war against his and other MP3 blogs, followed swiftly by the evil Blogger empire itself.

Plus coming full circle on a Das Racist press flap in which we went to imaginary war with New York magazine, Carl Craig soundtracking Andy Warhol’s Blow Job, Roxy Cottontail getting crunk at Sway, the debut of Ellen Degeneres on American Idol, the full details on Todd P’s MtyMx festival, Jim Jarmusch at ATP, Neon Indian as a comedy bit, and much more, below. Looking for something to do over the long weekend? Consult our weekend in clubbing. We’re celebrating whatever holiday it is on Monday, and so will return on Tuesday. Until then…

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