David Paterson Sex Story? Don’t Look at Us: Times


As Julia discussed this weekend, the New York Times suggested via a column by public editor Clark Hoyt that the “gauzy rumors” about a salacious story his paper was going to release someday about David Paterson were not the paper’s fault, but that of other, less principled journalistic outlets.

“Gawker and the Drudge Report and The New York Post are wallowing in all of this because that’s what they do,” executive editor Bill Keller conveyed through Hoyt while butter retained solid form in his mouth.

Hoyt’s column also mentioned the New York Observer, the Associated Press, and other sources that were humming about the alleged Times bombshell, and that Paterson and opponent Rick Lazio were both yelling at the Times, which was just sitting there innocently polishing its nails.

Hoyt’s column does not state outright that there is no story on Paterson in the works, and neither confirms nor denies that the possible story would reveal that Paterson and his wife were swingers, that Paterson kissed a girl in a closet, etc.

The New York Post today is focusing on the latest Tiger Woods sex news (that he knocked up a mistress), presumably until the coast is clear.

Other outlets continue to beat up the unloved New York governor: Under the headline “New York Pols in Three Words: Sleazy, Cheesy, Corrupt,” AOL Politics Daily’s Luisita Lopez Torregrosa mocks “addled Gov. David Paterson, spinning crazily this week over wild rumors that The New York Times is coming out with an article about his sexual and drug habits,” also describing the governor as “venting with radio host Don Imus, himself not the classiest act in town,” and having a “meltdown.”

As we’ve said before, Paterson’s case increasingly resembles that of the victim in Murder on the Orient Express: that is, seemingly assassinated by nobody, but in fact assassinated by everybody.


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