El Bulli to Become a Culinary School; Bread Stuy Saved by Neighborly Love


Hotelier Andre Balazs broke his toe, he says, explaining why he was sporting a cane at a party at Kenmare, the new restaurant by Beatrice Inn’s Paul Sevigny.
[NY Post]

What does Bocuse d’Or say about our culinary culture? Well, it’s not really about cooking, pens Josh Ozersky. It’s about “spectacle, and the ability to produce towering showpieces.”

Why are we more prone to foodborne illnesses these days? Partly because new disease-causing organisms have emerged and food imports are on the rise.
[Wall Street Journal]

Now that Ferran Adria has announced that El Bulli will in 2014 become a foundation for culinary study, and not a restaurant, will more people have access to it?
[NY Times]

El Bulli, as we know it (or have heard of it) is closing. But, if you’ve never eaten there, don’t feel bad, writes Frank Bruni. It was very difficult to plan for a meal there.
[NY Times]

Is big soda the new big tobacco? At roughly 50 gallons per person per year, it appears to cause childhood obesity and diabetes.
[NY Times]

Bread Stuy, which has become a symbol of the gentrified Bed Stuy, was seized due to tax trouble; neighbors rallied to raise funds to save it.
[NY Times]


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