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Festivale at 3D’s Restaurant and Bakery in Crown Heights | Village Voice


Festivale at 3D’s Restaurant and Bakery in Crown Heights


Festivale are ocarina-shaped dreadnought Jamaican donuts, and the pair you see could be two filling meals.

What if you were really really hungry, and only had one dollar to spend? And weren’t near one of those four-for-a-dollar Chinese dumpling shops?

A good answer to that question may be found at 3D’s Restaurant and Bakery in Crown Heights–though I’m still not sure the place quite deserves to be called a restaurant, since it’s really just a bakery. Nevertheless, the patties–both beef and vegetarian–are splendid, but those cost more than a dollar.

Instead, direct your attention to the glass case that is the repository of “festivale” (pronounced “fess-T-vahl”), the celebratory donut of Jamaica. These torpedo-shaped rolls are a dense as an “old fashioned” style donut–cakey and fluffy despite the sheer weight of the dough, and mildly scented with nutmeg (or maybe that’s allspice, a spice native to Jamaica). And festivale are not as sweet as you might have feared, making it possible to actually eat an entire specimen.

In fact, for a dollar, they probably provide your entire caloric allowance for a single meal, and festivale are damn good, too. Have your meal and dessert at the same time in one cheap, hand-held treat. 743 Franklin Avenue, Crown Heights, Brooklyn, 718-399-0578

While you’re at it, check out the wonderful vegetable patty. Instead of being filled with tempeh or tofu, it’s stuffed with baby bok choy, beans, and other interesting stuff.

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