Haiti’s Rum Industry to Rebuild; Not All Nut Liqueurs Should Be Ignored


Several states with tight control on liquor sales, such as Virginia, Vermont, and Mississippi, are considering a change in legislation that would privatize the distribution of alcohol, either by auctioning licenses to private companies or selling distribution centers. [Wall Street Journal]

Rums of Puerto Rico, including brands like Bacardi, Don Q, Ron Llave, Ron del Barrilito, and Palo Viejo, are launching new logos and re-branded bottles during Fashion Week. [Crains]

Haiti’s rum industry was rocked by the earthquake that hit last month. About a third of the stock was destroyed, and a number of distillery employees were left dead or homeless. [LA Times]

Watch the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games at Warren 77, the bar opened by Ranger Sean Avery and partners. Its six screens show Olympic games to a restrained crowd. [NY Times]

Scotch and chocolate are an ideal pair, especially high cacao-content chocolate and peaty Scotch. Try adding chocolate bitters to your Scotch cocktail to achieve the desired effect. [The Atlantic Food Channel]

Think nut-flavored liqueurs lame? Nocino, an Italian liqueur infused with green walnuts; Nux Alpina, made in Austria; and Castries, a peanut liqueur, are all worth a try. [Washington Post]

Absolut Vodka is launching its latest flavor, Berri Acai, this month. The new flavored vodka is described as an “on-trend blend of acai, blueberry, and pomegranate.” Yikes. [PR Newswire]

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