New York



Trying to explain the insane fascination that America has with MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore, about a gang of Italian-American self-obsessed, brainless kids, to someone who just returned to the U.S. after years of living abroad (as we recently did) can be extremely frustrating. It went something like this: Him: “So, who is this Snook?” Us: “It’s Snooki! Get it right!” Yes, it’s hard to comprehend how we came to know so much about these people with fake tans, fake boobs, and ridiculous nicknames. But tonight, you can learn to be at peace with your stupid adoration of this show—and get a head start on your Halloween costume this year by practicing your Jersey Shore guido and guidette look now—at Union Hall’s Jersey Shore Dance Party. Best costume gets a prize. Yay! Er, we mean, this is so sad.

Sat., Feb. 20, noon, 2010

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