Live: Ed Banger Records Celebrates Its Seventh Anniversary with Justice, Uffie, Busy P, and DJ Mehdi at Terminal 5


Ed Banger Records Seventh Anniversary
Terminal 5
Friday, February 12

Those of us that remember when “Pop the Glock” came out–all the way back in 2006– were eagerly awaiting some sort of Ke$ha-themed diatribe from Uffie last Friday night. The Parisian rapper was one of the “surprise guests” at the Ed Banger anniversary show at Terminal 5, adorning a lineup that also featured Justice, Busy P, DJ Mehdi, and Breakbot. While the label celebrated their seventh birthday to a sold-out show of 17-year-old glowstick-bearing fans, we waited patiently for Uffie to reassert her claim as the #1 rapping white female in the game. After all, this is the girl who wrote an entire diss track about an internet messageboard.

Alas, it seems Uffie is not the woman she was back in 2006. With the exception of “MCs Can Kiss”–a track easily paraphrased as “fakers gonna fake, haters gonna hate”–the short performance was ripe with promo for her debut album and lyrics on the importance of looking good. Which she did, in a far-too-short, sparkly-purple dress. (At least she one up-ed Ke$ha there.) The set ended with her ex-boyfriend and labelmate DJ Feadz on the decks and a downpour of balloons from the ceiling.

Busy P took over the turntables for what was the most emotionally trying part of the evening. Hidden under a cowboy hat and a mess of long hair, the DJ walked the line between epic song selection and the unavoidable need to placate the masses. As somewhat indistinguishable electro-house blared, the dance floor resembled a mosh pit worthy of a hardcore show. “Every song sounds like ‘Waters of Nazereth,'” a friend noted. But when those of us without parental guardians perked up at the intro loops to New Order’s “Blue Monday” or Prodigy’s “Smack my Bitch Up”, the dance floor stopped and forced the DJ to switch over to Daft Punk or the like, leaving us intensely frustrated. (Why do you tease us!?) In the end, though, the DJ’s tendency to cater to the kiddies (not to mention that weird “Pon de Floor” mashup) was forgiven when he threw on “Master of Puppets” and walked off stage.

Oh yeah–Justice was there too, though by the time the blown-out house titans went on, most of those around us were far too out of sorts to know the difference. Near the stage, the audience put their hands up in crosses. Busy P screamed in a thick French accent–“We are Ed Banger Records. You are Ed Banger Records. And we are fucking seven years old!”–before picking up the top of the four-tier birthday cake and walking off stage; a more generous Feadz returned to hand out slices to the audience. Justice’s Xavier de Rosnay, cigarette in hand, intro’d with Soulwax’s “NY Excuse” while his partner, Gaspard Auge, worked his spirit fingers over the crowd. The theatrics of it all would have been a bit much if they weren’t all just so adorably French. Yes, they did play “D.A.N.C.E.”–apparently I’m the only person in the entire world that doesn’t know the lyrics.

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