Mardi Gras in New York: Making the Best of It


It’s Fat Tuesday, and while things are swinging in New Orleans, our streets are filled with snow and the local pickings are slim. The Lower Eastside Girls Club is having a Benefit Masquerade Ball; the Rodeo Bar holds its ever-lively Mardi Gras party, and Brooklyn’s Union Hall is bringing some flavor with the High and Mighty Brass Band. The Sugartones play S.O.B.’s.

There is what promises to be a hipsterrific Williamsburg Mardi Gras Parade which starts at the southeast corner of McCarren Park at Driggs, discharging at Brooklyn Bowl, admission to which must be RSVP’d. Even with the sponsorship of Southern Comfort, though, a trek through today’s snow and sludge makes a sad substitute for Bourbon Street.

The Murphguide recommends some indoor fun at city bars with themed events, including one at Tracks Raw Bar & Grill in the LIRR waiting area of Penn Station. “Free Beads… you don’t have to do anything to get them,” say the proprietors. Yeah, that sounds like fun.

If you want to go in the opposite direction, there are some folks who encourage you to go healthy for Mardi Gras. Meatless Monday points out that Carnival means “farewell to meat” and suggests you bid one with “delicious meatless options” such as their Meatless Jambalaya, heavy on the yellow squash. Cabot, the cheese people of Vermont, are celebrating Low Fat Tuesday, and offer you a recipe brochure “to promote healthier food choices as hundreds of thousands of consumers begin the season of Lent.”

Alternately you can just drink your way to Mercredi Gueule de Bois .


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