Me and Michael Alig: Ah, the Memories


This shot was taken when club kid leader Michael Alig was a rambunctious but creative party thrower, before he lost his shred of conscience and killed a dealer in a fight, with the help of his roommate in 1996.

I was sort of the elder statesmen of the club kids, though none of them ever stopped and listened to me.

They were too busy drugging, posing, and vamping around, hypnotized by Alig’s charismatic rebel yell.

The ruddy-faced midwestern kid hit the New York night scene like a Mack truck and exuded a refreshing drive to shake up the booboisie, but without boundaries, he eventually spiraled into an abyss where a thrill kill like this could easily happen–and by the way it was protected by the kids, who knew every detail, but didn’t want to rat out their beloved leader.

Some of them were probably even proud!

Once the truth–and the body–surfaced, the resulting trauma fed handily into Rudy Giuliani’s campaign to save the city from amoral partygoing–all carried on while the mayor flagrantly cheated on his wife.

Interestingly, the photo has me flanked by TWO colorful demons.

Anyone know when he’s getting out? Time to double bolt my doors.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 16, 2010

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