New York



We’re sure there are many strange jobs in this city that we’ve never heard of, but Mark Lilly, the star of Comedy Central’s new cartoon Ugly Americans, definitely tops them all. As a New York City social worker, his job is to help monsters adjust to life in the Big Apple (for instance, teaching vampires not to bite random people on the subway, or housebreaking werewolves). And you thought your boss was bad? Did we mention his boss is a literal demon? With horns? Tonight, meet some of the writers and voices behind this absurd show, who also happen to be some of our favorite local comedians: Kurt Metzger, Larry Murphy, Randy Pearlstein, and Matt Oberg. Kumail Nanjiani hosts the evening of stand-up and clips from the series, which debuts March 17.

Mon., Feb. 22, 9:30 p.m., 2010

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