New York

Richard Aborn, Former D.A. Candidate, Wants NYPD Crime Audit Figures Released, Checked


The controversy over NYPD crime statistics, in which some experts assert that many crimes have been downgraded in police reports to keep up appearances (which is disputed by others, including NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly), has been stirred up further by a former candidate for Manhattan D.A.

Richard Aborn, now president of the Citizens Crime Commission of New York City, asks that the NYPD release the results of its semi-annual audits of precinct crime stats to clear things up.

A former assistant D.A., Aborn ran last year for Robert Morgenthau’s abandoned seat. He was endorsed by former NYPD Commissioner William Bratton, among others, but lost the Democratic nomination, coming in third with 26 percent of the vote, to Cy Vance, who prevailed in the general election.

Aborn says the John Eterno-Eli Silverman study which started the whole thing “raises deeply troubling questions, but lacks specifics,” and that “the best way to re-assure the public is for the NYPD to release all details of its twice-a-year audit of each precinct’s crime numbers; including the specific results of each precinct’s audit, the audit methodology, sample size, degree of statistical reliability, the office within NYPD that conducts the audit and any discipline that follows.”

Kelly says these audits are painstakingly examined, and that “when errors are discovered, they are corrected and the data reflected in revised crime statistics… More convincing than any set of data, however, has been the renaissance experienced in New York as crime fell to record lows.”



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