Sorry, New York: Rachael Ray Says Pizzeria Bianco Is the Best in the Country


Alas: Motorino is not, at least according to Every Day With Rachael Ray, the best pizza in the United States. After an exhaustive crawl through 64 pizzerias across the country, Ed Levine and Adam Kuban, the magazine’s emissaries, awarded the title to Phoenix’s Pizzeria Bianco.

Motorino had been one of the contest’s four semi-finalists, along with Chicago’s Great Lakes and L.A.’s Pizzeria Mozza. Pizzeria Bianco’s victory doesn’t come as that great a surprise, as Levine had already named it the best pizza in the U.S. in his 2005 book Slice of Heaven. But at least we can claim to have some hand in Phoenix’s win: The pizzeria’s proprietor, Chris Bianco, was born and raised in the Bronx.


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