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Tendon Soup Thickened with Pig Blood at Sripraphai | Village Voice


Tendon Soup Thickened with Pig Blood at Sripraphai


The pig blood renders the broth rich and salty.

The Organ Meat Society convened last night at Sripraphai, a Thai restaurant in Woodside, Queens, that began life more than a decade ago as a bakery, also selling homemade snacks and a simple roster of meals. That one room has ballooned into three dining rooms–though the shelf full of snacks persists from the old place.

The pig offal soup presents a changing roster of organs.

Sripraphai has become the most respected purveyor of Thai food in town, mounting a menu of bewildering length, featuring many country-style dishes not available elsewhere. There are Isaan specialties from northeastern Thailand that bear the influence of Laotian food, and reflect the proximity of the Mekong River, including a predilection for catfish.

Among many piquant salads and ensuing curries, the Society ate a beef tendon soup in a sharp lemongrass broth. The soup was ordered “dark,” which means it was finished with pig blood. Later, the Society consumed a pig offal soup, that also contained jelly-like tendon and a collection of other organs, including liver and heart, but also big chunks of brisket. 6413 39th Avenue, Woodside, Queens, 718-899-9599

Guests of the Organ Meat Society at Sripraphai.


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