The Dirty Projectors Played Opening Ceremony’s Kick Off Party at the Ace Hotel; Solange Knowles Guested on “Stillness Is the Move” and Groove Theory’s “Tell Me” (!!)


The scene at the Ace Hotel was pretty rowdy on Saturday night, as Opening Ceremony threw a party to celebrate opening a bizarre and tiny store in the chain hotel’s lobby. Further research undertaken by SOTC over the weekend seemed to indicate that the store is long on McSweeney’s and Levis-collabo denim suits and short on selection, but the inaugural party was indeed out of hand. Everyone from Michael Stipe to Terrence Koh to Gang Gang Dance’s Lizzie Bougatsos was in the building, as were the Dirty Projectors and Solange Knowles–the evening’s entertainment and DJ, respectively, though the line blurred when Solange hopped onstage to do “Stillness Is the Move” with the band. It’s not the first time that has happened. Also covered? Groove Theory’s “Tell Me,” which is a great song we had not thought about in years. There was video, of course:

Not strictly a Fashion Week event, though the timing surely wasn’t coincidental. Guess they would’ve got Guns N’ Roses too if dudes hadn’t been playing the Purple magazine party further downtown…