The Sad State of Fashion Week’s Celebs


Because there are so very many channels on the tube and so many reality shows on them bursting with “famous” cast members, a typical invite to a Fashion Week show is generally something like:

“You are invited to the Fall showing of Patchouli Jones, Make Me a Designer‘s third runner up from the fourth season, seen only in Westchester and parts of Guam.

“Making her runway debut in the show is Toukie Toukerson, the off-camera but much talked about girlfriend of Curb, from the first and only season of Single Ladies of the North Shore.

“Sitting in the front row will be someone with a close connection to American Idol–he watches it every week–and behind him is a hot comic with a terrific new cable deal ($45 a month, including premium channels.)

“The third row will be filled with all sorts of real housewives–not from TV shows, mind you, they’re just real housewives.

“Can we add your name to the list for row four?” “

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