Adam Lambert Is Too Nice!


Adam Lambert–the gayest American Idol runner-up since Clay Aiken–showed up at the sparkly, fun fashion show by the Blonds last night, and was just too friendly and accessible.

Dressed like a refugee from a Vegas production of Phantom of the Opera, Adam was nice to everyone who greeted him, giving interviews to each recorder-wielding person who approached, whether from a major fashion site or a semi-obscure internet TV show.

He seemed to glow with excitement at the attention–sort of like I do–and he was extremely gracious about it, while his date patiently sat there holding both their drink glasses.

It was marvelous to behold–but I think it’s the wrong thing to do!

Adam had better learn to be selective or he could become eaten alive by his own fame.

He should learn to radiate a little attitude or people will think he’s too easy.

You can’t BE a star unlike you ACT the star.

Come on, Adam. Be more of a bitch!