David Paterson’s Scandal that Wasn’t: A Loving Look Back


The David Paterson “bombshell” about which we and everyone else have been writing since Feburary 5, turns out to be a story about Paterson’s top aide. The aide is alleged to have punched one girlfriend and to have torn the Halloween costume off another, though neither incident got past the withdrawn-complaint stage.

And that’s it. No Paterson is a Swinger, no Paterson Closet Sex, or any of that.

Our own coverage has been agnostic — as has that of others: “Is Paterson Media Frenzy Much Ado About Nothing?,” etc. But face it, it’s still coverage. And de rigueur, as non-coverage would have 1.) been immediately decried as part of an MSM cover-up of Democratic malfeasance, and 2.) kept us all out of the loop of a Subject of Great Interest.

Our favorite angle was one taken by the New York Post, dogged pursuers of the non-story; When the governor said the closet-kissing episode couldn’t have happened because “we don’t have a utility room in the mansion,” the Post put the lie to it: “Two sources told The Post‘s Fred Dicker that there are several closets in the 39-room mansion.” The cover-up is worse than the crime!

The Times, alleged keeper of the Bombshell, was understandably cagey about what it was working on, which itself became a story (“The Phantom NYT Paterson Story Now Growing via Masturbatory NYT Reacharound,” etc).

Well, it got Rick Lazio some ink, and it got us some hits. What’s Tiger Woods up to?


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 17, 2010

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