Jenny Sanford Misses Prison Inmates Washing Her Dogs, Tending Her Garden


“Soon-to-be-ex-wife of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford,” Jon Stewart introduced Jenny Sanford on his show last night. Yeah, we’re late Rome.

Since her separation from the cheating governor, Mrs. Sanford says, she’s happy because she got to move back home to Sullivan’s Island, which she describes as “one of the benefits… our boys are enjoying surfing before school sometimes.”

Does she miss anything about the statehouse? Yes. She says she misses the South Carolina prison inmates who “were so sweet, I think they loved being with the dogs and said, ‘Oh, Miz Sanford, clean your dogs today?’ so now my dogs are really dirty.” Also, the slave laborers took good care of the statehouse gardens. “My garden back at Sullivan’s Island would be lovely, and my dogs would smell beautiful if I had, you know, a nice team.”

Stewart makes a joke of it (“you know, they have no choice”), but really. More horrible Jenny Sanford stuff here.


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