Leaving Planet Earth with David Byrne at Narciso Rodriguez; Fur Explosion at Dennis Basso


Cuban designer Narciso Rodriguez is preparing for the future–as if he knows the apocalypse is just around the corner and is attempting to send us a message, don’t fret, apparently he can save us.

We should have known by the dramatic drumming soundtrack at Rodriguez’ Fall Collection show Tuesday night in Bryant Park that we were in store for something more than basic linear cuts, though we weren’t prepared for the RoboCop hats.

This season we see similar designs from Rodriguez that we saw last season, which was a ton of asymmetrical cuts, the main difference is that the Spring Collection had more white with pinks, and now we see more black with greens.

“I thought it was great,” said David Byrne, who was surprisingly among only a handful of celebs at the Rodriquez show, about the collection. “I love the coats.”

And what about the headgear?

“It was very space-age,” Byrne said.

The collection felt, at times, very cold and yet sincere. Though the short, silk, black dresses stood out with superb open back cuts with hints silver, green, and orange.

Earlier in the day we sort of felt guilty sitting front row at the Dennis Basso show. Not because we don’t deserve front row status, because we do, of course, but because we were so close to…fur–huge amounts of fur–fur that covers the entire body. And all kinds of fur, too — fox, chinchilla, sable, broadtail, even raccoon — and it was fabulous.

The fur overflowed beautifully, not engulfing the body, but in a way that seemed to adorn it. Some of the fur coats were short cut jackets matched with slim-fitting dresses that came in purple, charcoal and a brilliantly evergreen.

Our favorite fur was a sleeveless long, knee-length coat with pockets. PETA, please don’t hate us.


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