Liars, Health, MNDR Added to Todd P’s MtyMx Festival


Liars will get the unenviable job of being the last band standing at Todd P’s still-swelling all-ages MtyMx (pronounced “M T Y M X”) festival in the hills of Monterrey, Mexico. They headline the Monday line-up, and are scheduled to take the stage at midnight, at which point nearly every other of the 75 plus bands confirmed for MtyMx will have already played, and the drugs will surely have run out. Health play that afternoon. Our old friends the Teenage Cool Kids made the bill, too–they’ll be going on in the middle of the night on what looks like Monday as well. That day is pretty loaded–No Age, Lucky Dragons, High Places, and Liturgy also play on Monday, meaning no leaving early, despite it being a school day and all. Gorilla Vs. Bear has the set times; Todd P’s dedicated MtyMx page has all the info for hotels and tickets. Has anybody figured out where exactly you fly into this thing, if you’re not coming from Austin? We need to know.

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