MGMT Reveals Congratulations Album Art, Confirming that Surfing Warps Your Mind


Congratulations, MGMT, your album art is Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog gorging on a radioactive kitty. The Anthony Ausang designed cover for the Brooklyn duo’s upcoming release has been unveiled, verifying that the conscious choice to rebrand one’s group around beaches and its assorted aquatic paraphernalia is a bad idea. As Andrew VanWyngarden foreshadowed in a chat with Spin, ” . . . about a year ago, when we were recording Congratulations in Malibu, I started surfing. It’s definitely a theme. There’s one song called ‘Siberian Breaks’ and it’s about 12 minutes long. The general theme is about surfing in the Arctic Circle by Russia.” That and Juxtapoz, circa 1997, apparently. This record is reputed to be terrible, for what it’s worth.

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