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Arnie Cooper investigates a murder: his aunt’s, at the hand of his uncle. A hell of a story.

City schools are policed by School Safety Agents, who are poorly trained and prone to use excessive force on kids for such crimes as doodling. Nat Hentoff has been covering this scandal for a while, and brings you up to speed as the New York Civil Liberties Union sues the city.

Councilmember Larry Seabrook got charged. Oh, man, did he get charged — 13 counts of fraud. But he’s been investigated before, and gotten off. He has some powerful friends. Tom Robbins explains.

Jonathan Richman came back to New York to tell us all about the beautiful world we might see if we would just shut off our cell phones and smell the algae. Rob Harvilla attended.

Martin Scorsese‘s harrowing new Shutter Island, says Nick Pinkerton, is “Scorsese’s return to his Roger Corman AIP roots,” but with Penderecki and other arthouse filigrees.

The Hope Help & Relief Haiti event, a new show at the Museum of Sex, Andres Serrano, Valentine’s Day, and more, wrapped in blind items by Michael Musto.

Plus more Music, Art, Theater, Film, Books, Dance, Restaurants, Free Will Astrology, Dan Savage, y otros.

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