Who’s The Best Movie Actress of the Sound Era?


In the “top five” list I’m about to share, I wish I could have squeezed in some more of my old favorites, but their filmographies had some holes in them.

I also wish I could have included a few more current names, but I can’t honestly say Kate Winslet, Nicole Kidman, or Cate Blanchett have earned the right–not just yet, anyway.

So here are my all-time faves, in descending order of greatness:

1) Meryl Streep

2) Katharine Hepburn

3) Bette Davis

4) Ingrid Bergman

5) Greta Garbo

Stop shrieking. Stop kvetching. Stop damning me to hell for leaving out Kristen Bell. Just hush your mouth and rank your own top five.

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