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American Idol Season 9: Top 24 Contestants Revealed! | Village Voice


American Idol Season 9: Top 24 Contestants Revealed!


Twenty-four regular people have now passed into that almost-famous realm in which some pre-teen with a bit of web skills makes them a fan-page, forever ruining their chances of buying the domain of their own name. First, the Hollywood crop was narrowed down to 46 when their solo auditions got them sorted into three rooms. One room consisted of good singers, one of good personalities who had bad auditions, and one with truly annoying people. The judges did the right thing and sent home the annoying crew, leaving us with only a few contestants who are actually excruciating to behold. The rest, in all honesty, aren’t half bad.

Beginning in the second hour of Tuesday’s show and continuing tonight, the remaining hopefuls were summoned one by one to the judges’ chambers for the news. First up was new papa “Big Mike” Lynche, who literally swept Ellen off her feet when he got the good news. Didi Benami proved butt-kissing goes a long way–she sang a number penned by Kara earlier in Hollywood week, and became the first girl to land a spot in the Top 24.

Many sob stories had a good night: We’ll be seeing more of child of divorce Katelyn Epperly, motorcycle accident survivor Casey James, broken home adoptee Aaron Kelly, and Katie Stevens (grandmother with Alzheimer’s). Traffic criminal Angela Martin, and waitress with partial face paralysis Shelby Dressel, however, did not fare so well.

Janell Wheeler became the third blonde girl to gain a spot in the Top 24, and hippie mom Crystal Bowersox followed suit. Of the non-blondes, there are flaming red-haired Season 8-reject Lacey Brown, periwinkle-locked jazz singer Lilly Scott, and brunettes Siobhan Magness and Ashley Rodriguez.

The last spot in the Top 12 girls comes down to a battle between black country-pop singer Haeley Vaughn vs. the completely unmemorable Tori Kelly. That’s a no-brainer. The last boys’ spot comes between young father Andrew Garcia and mama’s boy Thaddeus Johnson. Thaddeus takes it hard when he gets the boot, but Andrew’s acoustic rendition of “Straight Up” was too good to pass up.

In Andrew’s company are Broadway dancer Todrick Hall, drummer Tyler Grady, Alex Lambert, Jermaine Sellers, John Park, and a bunch of people we’ve never heard of: Joe Munoz, Paige Miles, Michelle Delamor, and Lee Dewyze.

Start Googling these folks, as voting starts next week. If you find an official website among them, consider yourself very lucky.

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