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Crazed Raccoon Alert! Rabid Animals Target Central Park


Central Park joggers and dog-walkers: Watch out for rabid raccoons. Infected animals are popping up in and around the park in shockingly high numbers, especially north of 96th Street and along Central Park West.

Less than two months into 2010, there have already been more identified cases of animals with rabies in Manhattan than at any other point in the past seven years, the city’s Health Department reports.

More scary stuff, including a map of specific locations of infected raccoons, follows …

Since December, 39 rabies-infected animals have been found in Manhattan. Twelve were caught during the entire year of 2009.

In the past, rabies cases have been reported mainly in Staten Island and the Bronx, officials say. The Health Department vows to start vaccinating raccoons in the Central Park area.


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