David Paterson’s Latest Bombshell: He Talks to Eliot Spitzer


The latest New York Post bombshell on Governor Paterson — coming hard on the heels of the explosive New York Times revelation that Paterson had sex with multiple partners in closets has an aide who fought with his dates — is that he talks to Eliot Spitzer. The disgraced ex-Governor, say unnamed sources, has offered Paterson “‘some strong suggestions on how to handle’ the state’s massive deficit.”

Also: Spitzer recommends political consultants to the Governor, and “might help Paterson raise some desperately need campaign cash” — presumably with personal appearances in kissing booths at county fairs.

Paterson has also been caught by the Post “beating the bushes” to get a crowd for his campaign kickoff at Hofstra University by inviting the “Hofstra Law School community” to attend. The paper further reports that the three other campaign appearances planned by Paterson this weekend — in Rochester, West Seneca, and Manhattan — are “ignoring huge swaths of the state.”

The governor is being attacked elsewhere for considering changing the cap on state income tax refunds to be paid in the first quarter from $1.75 billion to $1.25 billion. The state has paid out $293 million so far, and says some refunds may be delayed until April, though Fox News talks to an accountant who says people who file in March and use the Empire State Child Credit, College Tuition Credit, or the Volunteer Firefighter Credit “may not see their money until June.”


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