Double Windsor, Brooklyn Bar, Bans Babies After Five


The dispute over children in bars is the gift that keeps giving. While some Brooklyn establishments, such as Toby’s Public House and Stone Park Cafe, merely ban strollers, Double Windsor has gone all the way, banning anyone under 21 after 5 p.m. (Does anyone else remember when carding at the bar door was fairly normal?)

The New York Post reports that the decision was made after a few incidents: One in which a patron with a child asked another to watch their language, and another in which cigarette smoke from outside the door wafted into the bar and upset a parent.

Interestingly enough, the website Brooklynian has a discussion thread about Double Windsor that got a little out of hand after a commenter declared that she or he would “certainly plan on bringing my infant despite any glares I might get.” This, predictably, incited others to say things like “I’ll eat your baby.”

In any case, the after-five ban seems like a perfectly reasonable solution–the place does serve food, but it’s primarily a drinking establishment. It’s really pretty simple: Adults can’t go hang out in a playground while drinking beer, cursing, and blowing smoke everywhere. But at a bar, those behaviors are not out of the ordinary. Different rules for different places! If that’s not okay with you, then don’t bring junior to the bar. Actually, if the little one is not going to sleep or be quiet the whole time, then don’t bring junior to the bar at all, please.

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