‘It’ Girl Alexa Chung Thinks Phillip Lim Is ‘Amazing,’ Of Course


“The coats were amazing!” British trendsetter Alexa Chung squealed from her front-row seat at 3.1 Phillip Lim in the Tents. “It was a dream show!” The 26-year-old, who briefly hosted her own MTV program and is now collaborating with Madewell, had good reason to be ecstatic.

Lim, who has been a sensation with “It” girls such as Chung since starting up in 2004, is often right in tune with what young women want now, and his coats were indeed impressive.

Highlights included a fitted gold lamé tuxedo jacket with fringe trim, a flowing black wool coat with shiny buckle closures, and — hello again, Amelia Earhart — a burnt-sienna shearling bomber jacket. Other outstanding pieces were his black wrapped skirt with suspender straps and his sparkly super-short “party shorts,” made for a night on the town. Unfortunately, his gossamer evening dresses with a slashed asymmetrical hem didn’t quite fit with the rest of the beautifully crafted collection. Though if anyone could pull it off, it would be Ms. Chung.

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