Jayson Williams Blew 0.19 on Drunk Test After Stuy-Town Crash. Stay Out of His Way!


Jayson Williams, the pro basketball player who killed his chauffeur while fucking around with a shotgun and still hasn’t served any prison time for it, was dead drunk when he crashed his Mercedes SUV into a tree near Stuy-Town last month, prosecutors say.

Anybody in the path of his vehicle during the wee hours of January 5 would have likely wound up just plain dead. Williams blew 0.19 on his blood-alcohol test; the legal limit is 0.08, the tabloids are reporting.

Williams’s life is in even worse shape than that of his former team, the New Jersey Nets, who are 5-49 and are heading toward the record for the NBA’s worst season ever.

At 6-10, Williams poses the biggest threat to public safety of any athlete in the Tri-State region. Last spring, cops had to taser him and send him to the psych ward after he went nuts in Battery Park City. Immediately after the January 5 accident, he lied to cops, saying that someone else was driving. Video replays told the truth.

He’s been wearing an alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet since late January. Trouble is following him even where he used to go: Earlier this month, his South Carolina estate (actually it now belongs to his ex-wife) was burgled.

He’s scheduled for sentencing next week in the 2002 shooting after pleading guilty to a sharply reduced charge of aggravated assault. The wealthy athlete settled with the chauffeur’s family years ago for an undisclosed amount.

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