New York

JFK, LaGuardia, and Newark Get Worst Marks in Airport Satisfaction Study


J.D. Power did a survey of customer satisfaction at North American airports, and you’ll never guess. Yes, our local ‘ports did lousy. JFK got a 2 out of 5 in the overall, accessibility, quality of terminal, food and retail, and baggage claim categories. It got threes in check-in and security. (Three means average; two, worse than that.)

It had previously been determined that JFK is no good for sleeping in, either, as well as a drag during the holidays.

Did any other airport do worse? Yes — Newark! They got twos in everything. JFK and Newark were the bottom finishers in the Large Airports category.

LaGuardia also got twos in everything, tying Boston’s Logan Airport for worst Medium Airport.

The top finishers, who get those coveted J.D. Power statuettes, are Detroit Metro (Large), Kansas City International (Medium), and Indianapolis International (Small). Indy got the highest score overall, “due to its impressive check-in/baggage check and security facilities.” They set the bar low in these things.

J.D. Power says customers overall find airports less pleasurable than rental cars and hotels, and that fewer than one-tenth of respondents said they were “delighted” with their services. The normally dry Times observes, “It could not be immediately determined whether any of the surveyed passengers at the local airports deemed themselves delighted.”


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