New York

Lights, Camera, Interrogation! NYPD Rolls Cameras on Suspects


In a pilot program at two precinct houses, the NYPD will start filming police interrogations. On the pro side, the American Bar Association and Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes, who say it’ll be a safeguard against illegal grillings and accusations thereof. On the other, the Detective Endowment Association, which says the films will get out and give crooks a heads-up on beating the cops’ interrogation methods.

We don’t know about that. Law & Order and Cops have been on TV for decades, and crime’s been plummeting nationwide since they went on the air. Plus, the Internet already offers lots of tips ‘n’ tricks for willful evaders.

At present the police are not obliged to record interrogations of suspects even if they ask for it. So if the camera happens to suffer a malfunction mid-scene, it probably won’t be a problem.


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