PDT Adds First Ever Vodka Cocktail to the Menu


And the vodka backlash backlash begins. Notoriously shunned by cocktail snobs, the odorless, colorless spirit just may have found a credible champion. Last year, at Tales of the Cocktail, PDT barkeep Jim Meehan revealed that his feelings toward vodka were changing.

“Am I ready to buckle and put vodka cocktails on the menu [at PDT]? Not yet,” he told Fork in the Road at the time. “But I do think we need to bring vodka back into the fold.”

Well, that time has come, reports The Feed. The Gold Coast is the first vodka cocktail to grace the speakeasy’s menu.

Made with Karlsson’s Gold — the vodka Meehan said made him see vodka in a new light — Carlshamns Flaggpunsch, simple syrup, dill, and black pepper essence, the drink is sure to raise a few eyebrows, as well as some spirited (ahem) discussion among serious tipplers.

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