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Rightbloggers Attack Left With, Defend Selves From Joe Stack Associations


Joe Stack used to play bass in the Billy Eli Band and, if you want to check out some of his pre-mad-plane-crasher work, you can.

The Internet at present is more interested in Stack’s ideology than his bass playing. Rightbloggers hurried unto the breach with two missions: Asserting that Joe Stack was a creature of the Left, and protecting themselves from anticipated charges that Joe Stack was a creature of the Right.

Vodkapundit says the death-flight reminds him of “a right-wing terror plot against the IRS — which [SPOILER ALERT!] turns out to be a false-flag operation masterminded and funded in part by the US government.” This is from a novel called Let Us Prey. “It’s all a terrible, last-ditch effort to get people to rally behind Big Government and make ‘tax protestor’ synonymous with ‘terrorist,'” says Vodkapundit, though it’s unclear whether he refers to the novel’s plot or… someone else’s.

“He was a crazed Bush-hater kinda like Amy Bishop,” says Instapundit. “Nothing to see here, move along…” “Left-Terrorist,” preempts Virginia Virtucon.

“They won’t be able to blame this one on the Right,” says Weasel Zippers. “He was a Kos, DU mentality. An ObamaCare loving Moonbat.”

The American Spectator‘s Jeffrey Lord, in a stunning display of reach, noted that Stark attacked “the very same IRS that, using Obama-think, is itself the Guantanamo-style symbol of bad things in store for the American taxpayer at a time when everyone is saying taxes will have to be raised… If this incident does in fact show that someone with a grudge against the IRS did this — does this mean this incident is Obama’s fault?”

“How long until this act is tied to the Republicans, and the “tea-partiers”… despite the fact this happened in Austin, which prides itself on being an ‘island of blue’ in the heart of Texas… how will they account for the rage in their own city?” says Right, Wing-Nut. “Denial, like many in New York did after 9/11, and even more fanatical blame on the right?” (There’s your “Have You Forgotten?” of the day, fellow citizens.)

Not only rightbloggers felt obliged to defend themselves. “You can bet that socialists and welfare statists will aggressively associate libertarianism with this violent outburst for years to come in order to smear our movement and our message,” wrote The Humble Libertarian.

“Manifesto Endorses Communism: Koz Kidz Call it ‘Teabagger Terrorism,'” cries Ace of Spades. “We’re about to see the media double-standard in starkest terms.”

At this writing, there are actually far more accusations that someone is using the term “teabagger terrorism” than there are claims of “teabagger terrorism,” though you will find similar imputations (“Anti-Fedgov Crazy” — Post Politics; “Teabagger Man of the Year”!” — Xenophile) if you look hard enough. And there’s always Janeane Garofalo’s Twitter feed (“Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly created the atmosphere for a Joe Stack!”)

The brethren show admirable message discipline, though you have to wonder why they feel compelled to begin the conversation with “Don’t blame us.”

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