Will Ray’s Become a Noodle Shop?


Well, this is unsettling: According to Ray Alvarez, the embattled proprietor of Ray’s Candy Store, his landlord wants to turn his decades-old establishment into a noodle shop. Alvarez, whose struggle to pay his rent for the last few months has been well-documented, tells the Villager‘s Scoopy’s Notebook that the building’s managing agent told him, “They have a Chinese guy who can pay more money, and he will hire me as the night manager and keep me working here.” When asked if he would entertain such a deal, Alvarez said “No! They would get rid of me right away.”

Although this month’s fundraiser for Alvarez did raise some money, he’s hardly out of the woods (last Saturday’s planned delivery service fizzled due to technical difficulties). A second Save Ray’s benefit is planned for March 8 at the Theater for the New City; Reverend Billy, among others, is expected to perform.

[Via EV Grieve]


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