A Salute to the LMFAO Goons, Who Almost But Did Not Quite Punch Mitt Romney In the Face


Despite being stalwart defenders of all things that could possibly be called “joke rap”–from Plastic Little to Das Racist to Donald Glover–we’ve always found it impossible to enjoy LMFAO, the two twerps responsible for the phrase “I’m in Miami, Bitch” entering the lexicon. Not OK. It’s even worse on a T-shirt. But we’d back Satan himself in a cage match with bumbling Republican and presumable 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney. And in lieu of a cage match we’d even accept a series of wussy slaps, which seems to be what actually happened on an Los Angeles-bound airplane mid-Monday, according to TMZ:

It all went down shortly after the two parties boarded a flight from Vancouver to Los Angeles on Monday.

According to a video confessional from LMFAO’s Sky Blu, it all started when he leaned his seat back while the plane was still on the tarmac … and Romney, who was sitting behind him, started yelling at him to put his seat back up.

Sky Blu claims Romney then reached forward and grabbed his shoulder … and in turn, he hit the Presidential wannabeen’s forehead. Shortly after, authorities boarded the plane and escorted Sky Blu off the flight … and the other member of LMFAO got it all on tape.

In the nearly unwatchable confessional that accompanies the article, Blu describes Romney’s shoulder grab as more like a “condor grip,” but claims his retaliation only went as far as a violent shrug, which seems like nothing to brag about, actually. Once he hits you first, that’s your golden opportunity to turn around and hit the man as hard as you possibly can, no? Of course, ignorant clowns that they are, odds are better than even that neither LMFAO had a fucking clue who Romney was in the first place. Nevertheless, frightening the man and his family deserves a gold star, inadvertent and ineffective as the scare seems to have been. Now can we take the words “Major Rap Star” out of your headline, TMZ?

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