An Organic Market for Bed-Stuy?


Some entrepreneurs are scouting a location for an organic market in Bed-Stuy: the Bed Stuy Blog reports that the folks at Organic Bed-Stuy, Inc. are conducting a survey — which can be found on the blog — to figure out where neighborhood residents would most like the market to be located.

The would-be proprietors have reportedly found a New Jersey farm to be the store’s main supplier of root vegetables, and are looking for New York- and Brooklyn-based food suppliers.

As one of the commenters on the site points out, Bed-Stuy, despite common perception, is already home to a number of local and/or organic food sources — in addition to an organic market on Nostrand Avenue, it’s got 20 community gardens, a farm share, and three farmers’ markets. There are also two food co-ops under development, and another independent grocery store, called Butternut Market, that’s supposed to open on Stuyvesant Avenue sometime in the spring.

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