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Bernie Kerik Betrayed By Kids’ Godfather, Rudy Giuliani


Who better to have the last say on Bernie Kerik than that Grand Dame of Tabloid letters, Cindy Adams?

To help ensure that her wonderful closing interview with Kerik and wife published in today’s Post receives the attention it deserves, we here provide some of the nuggets that Adams mined when she visited with the woe-begotten Keriks at their New Jersey home a few days prior to yesterday’s pronouncement of a four-year prison sentence for the ex-police commissioner:

They include:

What went wrong?

“I guess…hubris. Maybe I got involved in my own celebrity.”


Kerik is “down 50 pounds.”


“We may sell the house.”


“I didn’t want President Bush’s Homeland Security job.”

Plans for the future?

“I started writing a novel. I have a literary agent and I’m speaking to a writer who will work with me.”

After prison?

“I’ll maybe try counseling.”

The best of the column, however, is a fat six paragraph-stretch in which Kerik and wife Hala talk about how Rudy Giuliani turned his back on them:

Had he heard from his old boss and mentor?

‘”No…Means no. Haven’t heard from him. You don’t know your friends until this happens. I’ve been ignored by them all.”

When Kerik cut off further discussion about his disgraceful treatment by his former comrades, Hala jumped in.

“Rudy’s my kids’ godfather. I’m disappointed for my daughters. They’ve done nothing to deserve this. He hasn’t even sent word through friends.”

There you have it. Bernie Kerik. Case closed.



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