Shake Shack Backs Out of Nolita


First, Shake Shack bowed to community pressure and withdrew their application for a beer license. Now, the NIMBY Nolita neighbors who railed against the opening of a Shake Shack at 47 Prince Street have gotten their way entirely. Just about 20 minutes ago, the Union Square Hospitality Group announced that it will abandon its plans for a Nolita Shake Shack, a decision made in response to intense opposition from neighbors, who felt that Danny Meyer’s burger joint would bring trash and noise to the area.

Click through for the full statement from CEO David Swinghamer.

After much thoughtful consideration, we have elected to forgo plans to build a Shake Shack in Nolita. We were incredibly excited about investing in such an authentic neighborhood with its bustling retail scene and vibrant street life. Unfortunately, we could not solve the problem of building something that both made good business sense and was harmonious with the concerns of immediate neighbors. We are proud of our history of opening restaurants that strengthen their communities, and we’ll continue to seek out unique locations in neighborhoods where a Shake Shack will be cherished and have much to contribute.

And thus ends the saga of 47 Prince Street.


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