The Blogroll Gazette: Starbucks’ Rumored Brooklyn Invasion; McDonald’s Big Mac in Wrap Form


This week in food blogs…

Eater heard that Starbucks is taking over a space on Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg, but wasn’t too worried seeing as Starbucks-in-Billyburg rumors pop up regularly.

Grub Street caught up with Blue Hill chef Dan Barber to ask about Lent, salt, and America’s chances at Bocuse d’Or.

Midtown Lunch just noticed that Uncle Jack’s Steakhouse serves free martinis and whiskey on Thursdays, something it has done for years.

A Hamburger Today sampled the new (Big) Mac Snack Wrap, and reckoned that “without the bun, the Big Mac loses its character.”

The Atlantic Food Channel rounded up 10 Olympic recipes, with Louisiana-style Red Beans and Rice representing these United States.

Diner’s Journal got a glimpse of Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s forthcoming Mark restaurant, which will open sometime between Monday and March 1.

The Food Section wondered if that 1,400-year-old wine press discovered in Israel could have been the work of the Dharma Initiative.

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