Vancouver HIM Makes Kissy Gay Tourism Pitch During Olympics


The most recent Gay & Lesbian Tourism Survey rankings by Community Marketing, Inc. showed New York hanging in as the nation’s #1 GLBT tourist destination. But those crafty Canadians are pulling out all the stops to eat our gay-tourism lunch. Here’s a poster from the Vancouver Health Initiative for Men’s “Public Displays of Gay” campaign, unveiled during this week’s Winter Olympics. Along with the hugs and kisses, the posters inform viewers that “Gay love has been legal in Canada since 1969, protected by the Constitution since 1992 and celebrated with marriage since 2005.” Well played, HIM! New York can’t touch that.

A native comments at Joe My God, “Last night I walked arm in arm with my boyfriend through the throngs of hockeyheads in downtown Vancouver and the only reaction we got was aggressive demands for high-fiving over our win.”


This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 19, 2010

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