Week in Review: I Sweat Nonsense


In the week we made Jay-Z’s signature gas face at the bunch of hacks and pretenders posing as Guns N’ Roses until dudes got the hell out of town, we also posted rants about everything from LMFAO not punching Mitt Romney in the face to, well, Jay-Z’s horrendous dinner jacket, circa All Star weekend. I guess we were rageful? At Jay-Z specifically? Sorry everyone.

The last dregs of Fashion Week weren’t totally poison–the to-do also yielded the rare sight of Solange Knowles onstage with the Dirty Projectors, plus the inevitable Axl Rose-penned “Get In the Ring”-style Twitter rant addressed at all the bands numerous haters. (Guilty!) And Fashion Week also meant Ed Banger and Mr. Brainwash–hoax though he may be–were in town. Neither Yoko Ono nor Mumford & Sons nor Four Tet, who was also kind enough to sit for a Q&A with us, were explicitly Fashion Week bound, but we went to those shows too, because after all, our sympathies lie with the little people. And Dr. Dre, when people aren’t conducting wet t-shirt contests in his name, anyway.

If you are wondering why Sade sold all those records, read this essay: On Sade and the Virtues of Scarcity.

In local news: the battle of the New York-based “Discovery” bands. The Michael Jackson-themed subway mural Brooklyn tenuously deserves. And a wonderful video shot in the Holland Tunnel of Michelle Trachtenberg rapping Nicki Minaj’s verse from Robin Thicke’s “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy,” as filmed by James Van Der Beek. Sometimes the Internet just bears gifts, you know?

Plus premieres of songs from Kayo Dot and the Shondes, pontificating on American Idol‘s Top 24, new music from The-Dream and Ted Leo, Vampire Weekend‘s tennis-themed “Giving Up the Gun” video, Lil Wayne goes to the dentist, forgetters live in Gainsville, Animal Collective at the Guggenheim and more, below. Looking for something to do this weekend? Consult our Weekend In Nightlife, Starring Shackleton, Frankie Knuckles, And Other People You May Know. We’re back on Monday.

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