Rudy Giuliani Is Too Worried About Bernie Kerik’s Kids


The latest installment of the dangling tabloid conversation between Bernie Kerik and former person who took his calls Rudy Giuliani is in the Staten Island Advance. In the course of an interview about his blowing off yesterday’s scheduled City Hall Michael Grimm endorsement appearance, America’s former mayor told Tom Wrobleski that he was “personally saddened” by Kerik’s downfall and worried about his wife and children.

Apparently he’s been less successful at communicating that to Kerik’s wife and children.

According to a Kerik interview with Cindy Adams in yesterday’s Post, Giuliani dropped his family like a hot rock.

Haven’t heard from him. You don’t know your friends until this happens. I’ve been ignored by them all. Get in trouble, there’s three categories. Close personal friends you always had. They stick around. Those you didn’t know you had who suddenly show up to help. Then there’s the powerful so-called friends you thought you had for years. They disappear.”

Look, I admit I haven’t heard from him. But I don’t want to discuss that further.”

“I do,” said Hala who, on this freezing night, was bringing us hot tea in the living room. “Bernie’s as disappointed as I am, but he’ll never say it publicly. Way too loyal. He’d go to his grave before he turned against Rudy. Rudy’s my kids’ godfather. I’m disappointed for my daughters. They’ve done nothing to deserve this. He hasn’t even sent word through friends.

Depending how Hala Kerik feels about Tom Wrobleski, at least that’s taken care of.

As for the skipped appearance, it definitely wasn’t that his former honor didn’t want to face the press on the day his protege’s sentence was announced. He blew it off because he had a chance to be on TV. According to Giuliani, he had a scheduling conflict with pre-taping a Maria Bartiromo interview (which presumably he didn’t know about on Thursday). He also objected to the event being held on a Friday, which also seems to have eluded him on Thursday.

It’s got something to do with Tiger Woods too, although I’m not perfectly clear what.

Staten Island eminence Guy Molinari, although supportive, seems to be pretty sure it was about Kerik after all.

“Whatever the reason, it was wise, given the timing,” said former GOP Borough President Guy Molinari, an ally of Giuliani’s who is spearheading Grimm’s campaign.”The Kerik story was so overwhelming that the smart thing to be done was to put off the formal announcement,” Molinari said.

Grimm, a former Marine, said it was OK, and pointed out that he’s a former Marine.

“I knew it was a bit tentative because of the mayor’s schedule,” Grimm said. “It’s par for the course. I’m a Marine. I’m very much used to adapting and overcoming.”

The in-person endorsement, Giuliani says, will happen at some point in the next two weeks, as soon as he gets back from Florida, where he flew last night. Grimm, a Staten Island resident, is competing with Brooklyn businessman Michael Allegretti for the Republican nomination to run against Democrat Michael McMahon in November.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on February 20, 2010

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