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Area Hipster Posts Embarrassing Video of Area Hipsters on YouTube


via Gothamist, a concerned citizen noticed that “4 out of 5 people” who used a certain section of sidewalk at the corner of North 12th and Bedford Ave in Williamsburg were “eating the ice” there. Concerned citizen decided, in a public-spirited way, to set up a camera and upload the results to YouTube, with a remarkably apt soundtrack of Beck’s “Loser” added.

Concerned citizen, whose name is thoughtfully provided in the video’s “copright” notice, has since reconsidered the amusement value of the video, possibly chastened by a comment from an uninsured person who was injured on camera while he was amusing himself.

Although mean’t to be a funny clip of people falling, it also draws attention to places that don’t clean their sidewalk. SO, I apologize for ALL those offended by this, it really wasn’t made in mean spirits. I’m sorry I misspelt “copyright”….putting that there had no merit but to add to the humor (turned out to be funnier with the accidental typo). ALSO I have been contacted by one person who fell already and I’ve offered the video for evidence if needed. If you also fell feel free to use it. Regardless of what people are saying, I am not trying to make money on this. It was just mean’t to be a funny video. Take care.

Hopefully Beck has a similarly robust sense of humor.


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