David Bouley Faces Foreclosure, Debt, Tsuris


David Bouley’s been traveling quite a trail of tears for the past several months: The chef can now add foreclosure to his roster of woes. The Post reports that Bouley is facing foreclosure on his $2.5 million three-bedroom condo in Tribeca. To add insult to injury, he’s also apparently $80,436 in debt on his namesake restaurant, which he moved into the ground floor of the same building in 2008.

According to the Post, Bouley allegedly stopped paying his mortgage last February, and in December, Bank of America started its foreclosure process. A state spokesman told the paper that the chef owes $105,004 in federal tax lien and $18,000 in outstanding state taxes.

Bouley has said that the issue is complicated, that he can pay the money, and that the restaurant debt is part of a larger issue with the building’s landlord. Regardless of how much of the preceding statements are true, he’s certainly not exaggerating in his allusion to larger issues — for a chef who used to rule Tribeca, this is just the latest in a protracted and very public fall from grace.