Eataly Promises “The Craziest and Amazing Brewery in the World”


An update on Eataly, the artisanal Italian food juggernaut set to descend upon West 23rd Street sometime this summer: MadParkNews learns that the 32,000-square-foot emporium’s rooftop brewery-restaurant will be a combination of two American and two Italian craft breweries. The American breweries, Dogfish Head and Russian River Brewing Company, and their Italian counterparts, Birrificio Le Baladin and Birra del Borgo, will brew beer on the roof using a copper-clad brewing system. According to a statement from Birra del Borgo’s brewmaster, Leonardo Di Vincenzo, the brewery “may well be the craziest and amazing brewery in the world.” If nothing else, it will be the only that features both a Mario Batali restaurant and unparalleled views of the lines at the Shake Shack.

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