Inside Rock Hudson’s Closet


Fifites screen hunk Rock Hudson was so nervous about trying to stay in the celluloid closet that he rubbed his nails to a pulp.

So writes one of his costars, Leslie Caron, in her Thank Heaven memoir, which I just devoured like a crepe.

Says Caron of the matinee idol, “The fact that Rock chain-smoked was indicative of the incredible stress caused by his dissimulation–as was this nervous tic:

“He rubbed his thumbnails constantly, so that they were completely deformed, as if smashed by a hammer.

“He felt embarrassed, as if these nails could reveal his true leanings.

“He was grateful when I suggested that he glue on false ones for filming.”

Oh, yeah–a big hunk with Lee’s Press-on nails. That’ll never give away your leanings!