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Jay-Z , Aqueduct and David Paterson: The Winning Team


You can’t say that AEG – dubious designated developer of Aqueduct’s new racino – doesn’t have an eye for talent.

Just a few days after Gov. David Paterson did an arms-around press conference with Jay-Z and wife Beyoncé last August 31, AEG honchos made Jay-Z an offer he didn’t refuse: to become a partner with a seven-percent interest in their then-struggling bid to win the Aqueduct sweepstakes where the governor was the lead decision-maker.

The Post‘s Fred Dicker and Annie Karni laid out the tick-tock of the business deal this weekend, and while an AEG spokesman insisted Paterson’s strong affections for Jay-Z and wife had nothing to do with it, it sure didn’t hurt.

Paterson was so enamored of the hip-hop king that he punched out an e-mail in early October to MTV, praising his man as much-deserving of the station’s “2009 Hottest MC in the Game” award: “Jay-Z is not only an outstanding hip-hop artist, but a dedicated philanthropist as well,” wrote Paterson.

On the business side, of course, anyone would be happy to be able to draw on the Man from Marcy Houses to help pull huge crowds to the southeast Queens racetrack. It’s the rap music version of Wayne “Mr. Las Vegas” Newton. They come for the songs and stay for the slots.


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