John McCloskey Found with Nail Bomb on Staten Island, Arrested


Najibullah Zazi isn’t the only mad bomber in town. On Saturday night Staten Island cops responded to a call on a “confirmed homemade device” at an intersection in Stapleton. It appears to be the work of John McCloskey of Burton Avenue, who claims the bomb was meant as a prank, but which police say contained gunpowder and nails.

McCloskey was observed “sweating and shouting into a cell phone,” reports the Staten Island Advance, when police approached and found the device on him. The bomb squad exploded it in a safe location, and McCloskey was arrested for first-degree criminal possession of a dangerous weapon, for which he could receive up to 25 years in prison.

Another Staten Islander, Jason Barry, left a bomb threat on a computer at an Apple store last month, and has been charged with making terroristic threats.


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