John Travolta “Bearding” Dish From The ’70s


Party Animals, Robert Hofler‘s excellent new book about flamboyant ’70s producer Alan Carr, is chock full of info and insights.

Grab a copy and you’ll learn how:

*Bette Midler refused to be an Oscar presenter after not getting nominated for “her over-the-top performance” in Beaches

*Novice director Nancy Walker messed up the Village People movie Can’t Stop The Music by telling Valerie Perrine to stop talking during filming. Perrine informed Walker that it was her scene and she was acting! The starlet got Walker axed.

Best of all, there’s this bit:

“In time, matching John Travolta up with a mate of the opposite sex turned into a cottage industry, and Allan together with a number of the actor’s handlers paired the bachelor star with Kate Edwards, Marilu Henner, Priscilla Presley, Cher, Brooke Shields, and Allan’s client Marisa Berenson.”

I guess he met Kelly Preston on his own.