New York Food Trends Head (Middle) East; The City’s Secret Dishes


The dangers of hot dogs lie not only in their nutritional value (or lack thereof). They also cause some 17 percent of all food-related asphyxiations. The American Academy of Pediatrics wants to see foods such as hot dogs redesigned to make them less easy for children to choke on.
[USA Today]

The nation’s high unemployment rate has taken its toll on breakfast. Fast food chains that open early to accommodate workers have seen a dip in sales since fewer people have jobs.
[Washington Post]

A U.K. peanut allergy study is the largest so far, and involves giving sufferers age 17 and under tiny amounts of peanut flour daily in order to build up a tolerance.

New York food trends are going east — to the Middle East, that is. Magnolia cupcakes, Shake Shack, and Tasti D-lite will all hit the United Arab Emirates soon.

Kim Ima, of the Treats Truck, lives in a West Village apartment she bought for $150,000 back in 1996, which is also where her business was born.
[NY Times]

The new K! Pizzacone shop in midtown, specializing in cone-shaped pizza, was inspired by similar concepts in Portugal, Brazil, and Italy. It opens today.
[NY Daily News]

An East Village man hopes to use his collection of thousands of pre-modern cooking tools from the stone age until about 1950 to establish The Museum of the Hearth and Kitchen.
[Wall Street Journal]

Research shows that keeping weight off after you’ve lost it is so difficult because, among other things, hormone shifts increase the emotional response to food.

A roundup of secret dishes on New York menus includes the Egg dessert at Le Bernardin, the Rib Eye at Nobu, and the Milkshake at Quality Meats.
[NY Post]


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